On average, you have a 1 in 18,989 chance of being murdered

A trans person has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered

The average life span of a cis person is about 75-90 

The average life expectancy of a trans person is 23-30 years old

75% of people killed in anti LGBT hate crimes are poc

Think about this the next time you go crying over “cisphobia” and “reverse racism”

These statistics are horrifying.

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Retrograde, again? Bought bureaucrats are murdering peaceful protest in the name of a corporate bought systems of oppression with misplaced misbranded images, children to foreign movements. Is time in Venezuela retrogressing into that realm again? fuck fuck fuck fuck

Nos jodemos tanto con estos 

burró cratas hijos de putos 

quiero que mi resistencia sea mucho mas que palabras.  Cada bala que sussurran el estudiante antes de murir me lo pongo como corona cuando lo que cultivo los caza[n]azis.  Hijos de putos como se ahogan en la peste del falo del oro.  Otra vez veo a paz chocando con masacres.  Veo a estos burró cratas hijos de putos chocando sus gargantas con, o lambiendo, el falo del memorial de un tal llamado washing toneladas de mierda.  ¿Pero Cómo? 




HAPPENING NOW [VERY IMPORTANT]: Venezuela’s soldiers are killing their people. The Government is sending their armed gangs to kill them and they have censored all the media in their country, even blocking photos posted on social media sites. They shut down all the cable channels that broadcast news, so they can’t know what’s going on. The people have no source of protection at all. Students are protesting to save their country and their lives at this very moment. All they have are their social networks to get the word out so, PLEASE RE-BLOG THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD. VENEZUELA IS ON THE BRINK OF A CIVIL WAR  AND CLOSE TO BECOMING A FULL COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. THEIR PEOPLE NEED YOUR HELP. —— Please, this is very important to me, one of my closest friends went to visit family in Venezuela over winter break and they won’t let him come back to Florida. We’re graduating in a few months and it hurts me to know that his baseball career and all of his hard work and dedication to his grades here in the U.S. was all for nothing. Please.


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This “revolution” is nothing but a sham. It is a right-wing coup being orchestrated by Washington and the wealthiest and most powerful elements of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie.

Venezuelan “opposition” (A.K.A. golpistas) hold foreign journalists at gunpoint - https://www.greenleft.org.au/node/55872

A look at the bourgeois scum supporting the coup, the violent right wing Capriles provocateurs in Venezuela: http://www.answercoalition.org/national/news/protest-venezuelan-opposition.html

Also, this is the uniform of the Venezuelan National Guard which looks nothing like anything in any of the pictures above: http://veusnoticias.com/guardia-nacional-verifica-condicion-del-general-lozada-saavedra/

There have been countless times on twitter of people claiming that picture from Egypt, Syria or Bulgaria were “Maduro regime repression”:


Thousands of Venezuelans are out in the streets peacefully standing for the democratically elected government of Venezuela, and President Maduro!


this is an attempted coup on behalf of imperialism. Don’t be fooled.


Euromaidan (facebook) - “it is our attempt to change the situation in Ukraine, to set true values, to reach real democracy, to create our future in our country without fear of the next day, without current government, without inhumanity and violence!”

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST! Tomorrow, Ukrainians will be cut off from the world; no internet, no television, no telephones.






Sgt. Thomas McVicar of the Jersey City Police Department shot 22 year old Kwadir Felton, leaving him blind, after Kwadir pulled a gun on him, he claims. Kwadir Felton denied the accusation, stating that he doesn’t even carry guns.

"I don’t understand!" Felton yelled at a police officer before his mother was removed from the courtroom. "You didn’t have to shoot me in the head for no reason! You trying to charge me with something I didn’t do!"

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